Tuesday, November 24, 2009


My favorite vintage camera's. Drawn with pen.


Anonymous said...

cool drawings! You should work in pen more often.


Anonymous said...

your graphics are perfect. You manage to make the camera look old.

Carissa Christine said...

Hi Sandra,
I was wondering if I could use your sketch of the rolleiflex for the side of my logo, essentially my logo. I absolutely love the sketchiness and it would be more then perfect. The only thing I will be altering (if you allow me to) is to take roleiflex out and put my name.
I know how art can be personal, if you don't like this idea that is totally okay! Please let me know either way.


michal said...

hello - urgently needs to contact you about drawings on the blog .. Unfortunately, there is your email address - please contact me kowalski_michal@interia.pl

Stephanie said...

Hello! I wanted to see if I could use your drawing on a shirt I want to make for my sister. You can reach me at steph@stephiemc.com. Please!!! Thanks! Stephanie

thedoglover said...

Did you draw all of this by yourself? Some brazilian people are comercializing a t-shirt with the Pentax ilustration! Are they authorized?

Kat said...


i'd like to ask for your permission to let me use these drawing to print on a hand-made notebook i am planning to sell. pls email me if it is ok or not.

thank you.


lovegravy said...

Can I use one of your drawing for my website logo please?

I think they are fab

blue elephant photography said...

hi sandra, you are very talented! can i pretty please use your brownie and rolleiflex for my website? i can buy it from you of course! email me: info@blueelephantphotography.com

Johannwadia said...

Hi Sandra,
We are a film school in bombay, India called FX School and we would love to frame these sketches on one of or walls with due credit. Kindly let us know if that would be fine with you. Would truly appreciate if you allow us to do the same.

Kindly reply back to me at yohan@fxschool.in

Thanks a ton,

Nadine said...


Was wondering if I could use one of these as a logo for my blog?

Thank you!

helpmeimpoor said...

I was wondering if I could use your Pentax drawing for a mug I'm selling on zazzle. I originally wanted to create the mug for myself, but it looked so good that I wanted to make it available for everyone to purchase.

Please contact me when you get the chance
email: tabithacbailey@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra, I would love to use your pentax image for my facebook page photos section. Please let me know if this would be OK with you. wonderful drawings by the way :) charlie_hjay@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

hello! i stumbled across your pentax drawing and i was wondering if i could use it as the image on my business card? im trying to get a little more professional with gaining clientele and thought your image was perfect - email me at caelanw93@yahoo.com if so! if not, i completely understand - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!!!

Love your drawing of the Pentax. I was wondering if I could have your permission to print them on tshirts! My email is bigliazzimckenzie@yahoo.com
Thank you so much!